BUSS Committees

We invite you to contact any of our officers/volunteers.

General Chair: Habib Hichri, Ajinomoto
Technical Program Chair: Annette Teng, AIM Photonics
Treasurer: Azmat Malik, Acuventures
Administrative Chair, Webmaster: Paul Wesling, HP (retired)

Session Chairs:
Rozalia Beica, Averatek
Annette Teng, AIM Photonics
Steven Verhaverbeke, Applied Materials
Kuldip Johal, Atotech
Farhang Yazdani, Broadpak
Panel: Jan Vardaman, TechSearch
Panel: Venky Sundaram, 3D System Scaling

Technical Program Committee Members
Jan Vardaman, Techsearch
Rozalia Beica, Averatek
Venky Sundaram, 3D System Scaling
Matt Kelly, IPC
Steven Verhaverbeke, Applied Materials